Thursday, September 16, 2010

Geneive Waite - Romance is On The Rise (1973)

I love this record. I love the lyrics. I love the way Genieve squeals in that weird childlike breathy marilyn monroe voice and gets totally wild and off key on things like White Cadillac but it's just magic all the way. I love the Fleetmood Mac / Broadway type arrangements that are totally west coast session muso slick but completely tasteful and idisynchratic at the same time. I just love it all!

John Phillips (he formerly of the mama's and the papas) wrote some of the material for an aborted broadway show, but ended up folding it into this record he produced for his third wife, actress Genevieve Waite. It was a critical success but a commercial stiff and quickly dissappeared. Phillips blamed poor distribution, but it managed to get itself distributed in Australia by Festival, where my mate Teo's mother Jan came upon it (I think Henry from the black cat put her onto it when it came out) and proceeded to annoy him by playing it every day of his childhood. When I started doing the radio show she kept saying I should hear this genevieve waite record (to which Teo strongly objected), and several years later she finally managed to play it to me. Thanks, Jan. It a real treasure.

The whole record is great, but heres a couple of faves to get you hot on the trail...


White Cadillac

Trashy Rumours

It was reissued on Cd a few years ago but now seems to be out of print again. You don't see the LP too often and people usually want a fair bit of money for it, but I found a copy just yesterday for $15, so don't give up hope!

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