Monday, January 17, 2011

ENTER THE VOID (Gaspar Noe, 2009)

You sure are a perv, Gaspar...

Who would have thought that such a beautiful looking film, by one of the worlds most exciting directors, filled to the brim with hot sex and drugs and psychedelic shit could be so, well, BORING? Pumped as I was about seeing this (I thought his last film Irreversible was the best thing I'd seen in years), I gotta admit that after the first pretty engrossing 45 minutes, I spent most of the next 2 hours or so sighing and wishing it would hurry the fuck up... But nonetheless, I've been thinking about this movie constantly since I saw it a month ago, and I think you should all go see it too!

The basic plot is a young American man living in Tokyo dies an unnatural death, then floats spooky like over the city, observing the aftermath of his death. Drag though it does, sound and vision wise it's unbelievable, and certain scenes are so memorable they make the fidgeting worthwhile. It certainly has by far the most realistic intra-head depiction of being on drugs I've ever seen on film.

Definitely one to see on the big screen. To quote David Lynch...



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