Thursday, April 26, 2012

A DANGEROUS METHOD (David Cronenberg, 2011)

Just went and saw this new Cronenberg the other night. It's not very Cronenbergy (he didn't write it), but it's still an interesting portrait of the infantile days of pyschotherapy (or 'the talking cure' as they call it, "I'm going to try this new treatment a bloke called Sigmund Freud has proposed. I'm not going to electric shock you or burn you at the stake or anything. We're just going to talk...") and the relationships between Freud and Jung and Sabina Spielrein. Not enough Freud though! Vigo Mortenson totally kills it as Freud but he's only in it for about a quarter of the movie. The rest is some poncy guy playing Jung with either this very pretty bird who is okay but not all that great as Spielrein or some other bird as his uptight wife. And those bits are not all that compelling. But all the stuff between freud and Jung is great. Oh yeah,  and there's some other good bits with Vincent Cassell as some other psychotherapist, Otto somebody. As usual with Vincent Cassell, he's a total sleazeball and a pleasure to have on screen.
Overall, nowhere near as fuckyeah as History of Violence or Eastern Promises, but still worth seeing for historical interest and to dig Vigo No-Pants as the the frude dude from bill and ted excellent adventure...

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