Friday, April 26, 2013


Fatti's music has been getting more and more vocaly minimal and droney of late, so it's cool to see her randomly flip the script on that and come with this straight up dark 80s dream pop number. I love the video too, representing for her Karaoke singing Filipino brothers and sisters. Having the lyrics on screen makes the song somehow more intense and more confusing. Each line seems seems to take the context of the song somewhere different, and by the end you don't know what the hell's going on...

I interviewed her a li'l while ago and this what she had to say about it:

"I feel like both with this tape and with the album, I still haven’t quite find the sound that’s mine. We’re doing a filmclip for one of the songs on the tape called ‘Clowns’, and it doesn’t sound like anything else on the tape or anything else I’ve done. It’s got nothing to do with clowns, but when I was making the instrumental track I thought, “yep, this sounds scary and weird and stupid, let’s call it Clowns.” It’s this classic sort of dreamy 80’s pop song with lots of reverb, lyrics about meeting someone in your dreams, crap like that. It’s just a real cheesy song that I’m actually really proud of. But I don’t feel like I could play that one in the live set.

Do you think like that could be another project?

I think that could be like, if you had a wedding I could come out in a cloud of smoke playing this ‘Clowns’ song about meeting the perfect person in your dreams.  Although it kind of takes a stalkerish turn in the end! It got written so fast I felt like I didn’t have much control of the lyrical content. Some songs just seem to happen by themselves…"

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