Thursday, June 26, 2014

UNDER THE SKIN (Jonathon Glazer, 2013)

I thought this movie was something of an artistic failure overall, but I still think it's interesting enough that people should go see it anyway! So if you haven't seen it, don't read this thing, just go see it clean.

Anyway for those who have seen it, whaddidyathink? For the first 20 minutes or so I was tingling like crazy, feeling like this was gonna be a goddamn masterpiece and we were witnessing the bloom of a great new filmaker. And then it started to get kind of repetitive and I started to worry. And then it just lost intensity altogether and dragged along for another hour and then wound up in a kinda cool but generally unfulfilling fashion.

Bit it's still stuck with me, and I wanna see it again. I thought the score by Mica Levi was phenomenal. I thought ScarJo did a good job with the British accent. With the nature of her character there wasn't really a great deal of acting to speak of, but she makes an excellent photography subject, and in that sense I think she was a good choice, she has a very iconic sort of look in the film that works great in the early parts.

I really do think this Jonathon Glazer has the making of a masterful filmaker. I loved Sexy Beast and I haven't seen The Birth but it looks amazing in the trailer. But then again, this looked amazing in the trailer too. It felt like they had the set-up for something really amazing, but they never figured out a way to do something satisfying with it. But plenty people think it's great all the way! What did you think?

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