Wednesday, June 8, 2011

SNOWTOWN (Justin Kurzel, 2011)

I saw the Snowtown movie about a month ago. While I was watching it I mostly felt bored and confused and heebie jeebied. "Who is that guy? Where did he come from? Why are they killing him? What's the point of all this?"

But I felt compelled to immediately go and read up on the real case (the sequence of events in the movie made a lot more sense after that), and I found myself haunted and disturbed by it for weeks after. I'd be having a shower or eating some eggs or doing something nice and suddenly i'd flash back to a scene from the movie and be all creeped out. It really started to piss me off! But now I kinda wanna see it again...

But should I? Is it just morbid curiousity? Being that the feelings it aroused in me were basically all negative and uncomfortable, is there any point to this movie at all (for me at least)?

Anybody else seen it?


  1. I think you should see it again. When people experience kind of morbid curiosities like that in movies and books they always act on them. This can become the basis for an exciting story. But in real life people tend to disregard these kind of Romantic curiosities/urges as irrational, and usually just forget about them. In my opinion, if we all acted on our movie-esque urges like these the world would be a more Romantic and interesting place, and everyone's lives would be more exciting. :)

  2. I reckon if you want to dilute the power the film has over you. go and see it again. You're more informed now so you'll notice and focus on new things (like getting obsessed by the hi hat sound of some song you dig) It'll still be good but it wont be as freaky.

    (I really thought it was great: bleak as but visually really stunning. By the end I was thinking "oh please make it stop make it stop")