Wednesday, October 26, 2011

HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN (Jason Eisner, 2011)

I watched a most excellent new film the other night called HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN. It's basically a homage to all those great 80's schlock films (paticularly of the Toxic Avenger / Class Of Nuke 'Em HighTroma variety), and happily ends up being far more entertaining all the way through than most of those films actually were!
Based on the winning trailer of the same name from Robert Rodriguez's South by Southwest Grindhouse trailers contest, the film-makers used their new-found connections to cast Rutger Hauer as the titular Hobo With A Shotgun for the feature length version, and by god he's perfect!

The whole thing really is just about the perfect 80's schlock movie, it's got Rutger, it's got a hooker with a heart of gold, it's got this awesome white suited villain called The Drake, it's got these weird robot monster things that appear at some point and should seem really stupid but it just seems like a perfectly natural progression for the movie to take.

The preview doesn't actually give that good an impression of the tone of the film, it's a lot more gnarly and humorous in a Troma sort of way than it appears here, but you get to see a bit of the nice splatter anyway...

Highly recomennded! If you like this sort of the thing.

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