Thursday, February 2, 2012


AAARRRGGGGHHHHH these guys are just toooooo photogenic!

A million thanks to Burr Henley who read my mind and called me up to offer me his ticket to Hall & Oates that he couldn't use. The very day before i'd chucked on that "rock & soul pt 1" best of hall & oates record (the one with red and yellow shapes on the cover) and been rhapsodised once again by how many jammin hit songs they had and how different they all sounded from one another. I even emailed the brides to say we should try to cook up a sort hiccupy rockabilly version of 'you make my dreams come true' at our rehearsal on thursday. But I then had to say i wouldn't be able to make it to rehearsal cause I had to learn the song AT THE FOOT OF HALL & OATES THEMSELVES!!!! i love it when all paths lead to hall & oates...

Here's some early Philly Soul hall and oates from '73 (with unbelievably excellent low budget video with darryyl looking like bowie), later covered by Lou Rawls and Tavares

Some great mid 70's proggy period hall and oates with dope guitar solo by todd rundgren (Hall even did a solo album with robert fripp a couple years later)

Perhaps my favourite early 80's hall & oates soul-pop number

Classic new wave-esque The Cars meets The Temptation hall and oates


And finally, a great little known hall and oates number about a subway slasher tormented by doo wop voices in his head, writer after the "son of sam" david berkowitz had claimed their song "rich girl" had inspired him to kill...

PS. Little know hall & oates / the terminator crossover factoid. Brad Fiedel, composer of the classic theme from The Terminator, was briefly a touring keyboardist for H&O during the late seventies!

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