Thursday, May 10, 2012

Ray Mooney's "Everynight, Everynight"

There's a new production of my old writing school teacher (and total legend) Ray Mooney's great play about his time in H-Block during the 70's, where he shared a cell with a young Christopher Dale "Renta-A-Kill" Flannery (you might remember Gary Sweet playing him in "Blue Murder").

It's brutal stuff but really good and I suggest you get along! I'm gonna go, and i hate going to the fucking theatre, so that says something...

Here's Ray's spiel about it...

 Forthcoming Production of my play, Everynight Everynight.

Frank Theatre Company has put together a sensational cast and production team under the tutelage of director Stuart Grant for their production of Everynight Everynight at Gasworks Theatre (http://www.gasworks.org.au/) Tues 8 – Sunday 27 May (Tues – Sat 8pm, Sun 5pm). Tickets $35/27.

The cast are: John Brumpton, Steve Bastoni, Damian Hill, Paul Ireland, Adrian Mulraney, Tony Richards, Stuart Grant  and Kaitlyn Clare.

Two years ago my good friend Darren Hassan directed this play to full houses in The Old Adelaide Jail as part of the Adelaide Festival. That production was designed to accommodate the jail and was the culmination of years of planning by Darren.

Now Dame Hill has revised the original script, brought together the perfect cast and director, financed it himself and created a terrific word-of-mouth buzz.
If you’re interested in some advance publicity then open the following:
“Do you know much about why this play was written?” Theatre director Stuart Grant is very passionate...


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