Thursday, September 6, 2012

THE LAST HOLIDAY: A MEMOIR (Gil Scott Heron, 2012)

When I first started reading this, i was telling everybody how great it was, but now i've finished it, i'm not so sure. Ostensibly it's supposed to be about his time supporting Stevie Wonder on his Hotter Than July tour in the early 80's when Stevie was campaigning to get Martin Luther King's birthday made into a public holiday, but's more than 3/4 of the way through before you get to this point, the rest of the book serving as kind of personal memoir up to this point, focusing particularly on certain key points in his career. It starts of really well, with fine, moving descriptions of his childhood in Jackson and his grandmother that raised him. But then as he gets older, he just seems to kind of breeze through things and it all ends up feeling a bit lightweight. Some cute little anecdotes about the roadies or whatever, but nothing much. And then in the last couple of pages he gets all deep and personally revelatory again, but i couldn't help but feel kind of disappointed by the whole thing. Some good bits though! lemme know if anybody wanna borrow it...

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