Friday, October 5, 2012

LOOPER (Rian Johnson, 2012)

Hey, it's that same good looking young guy I saw in the lame Batman movie last week. And he's that same good looking guy who was leaning all sexy like in the doorway in Mysterious Skin years ago. He's pretty good with the acting too!

This movie is pretty good also, but not as good as people making it out to be. It's pretty much as good as a real good episode of The Sopranos or something. Which is pretty good. But it ain't like Blade Runner or A Clockwork Orange or The Conformist or something, it ain't that good. The production design is a bit hokey sometimes and I didn't leave feeling quite altogether splayed out toe up satisfied, but i still had a good time and didn't get bored.

Really, this really should be about the minimum standard of all schlub hollywood popcorn movies you go and see. They can't all be classics, but there's really no reason that drawn out dull lame o duds like that fucking batman movie from last weekn should make it through the process...

Anyway, this one was purty good, I'd even go see it again! They did some whole prosthesis on the young guy to make him look more like Bruce Willis (he's supposed to be a young Bruce, it's a time travel thing) and he supposedly studied Bruceys movements and speech or whatever. I didn't think he looked or sounded a damn thing like Bruce, but that didn't bother me, i was happy to just go with it...

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