Thursday, February 21, 2013

EARTH GIRLS ARE EASY (Julien Temple, 1988)

How this movie escaped my grasp as a child i cannot understand. I saw it in the video store, i saw the preview on other videos, yet like ships in the night...

Anyway, I finally watched it last friday night, and I can tell you it's without doubt one of the great crap movies of the 1980's. I'd put it right up there with The Adventures Of Ford Fairlane and Girls Just Wanna Have Fun for pure trashy pop culture enjoymotainment. I would have loved it then, and I lurve it now.

The plot basically has nail salon gal Geena Davis having some hairy aliens crash land in her pool and then to hide their alienness from her slimy doctor boyfriend she shaves them and they turn out to be total babes and they go wild on the town in LA and romance and trouble and dance-offs ensue.

Director Julien Temple (he made The Great Rock N Roll Swindle) mainly had a background in music videos and this is basically a wacky late 80's LA pop music / culture movie, with lots of song and dance sequences and plenty of colour colour colour.

Lets get a whole bunch of popcorn and and some champagne and paint our toenails and watch it together!

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  1. Oh shit Richie thank you for reminding me about this movie- big fave of mine back in the day, gotta watch it again soon in hi def! Are we limp and hard to manage? Jeff Goldblum aaaahhrrrgghhhh!!!