Thursday, February 14, 2013

FLESH (Paul Morrisey, 1968)

On a whim I ended up going to see this at The Astor the other night. The first Warhol / Factory production i've ever actually watched, and the first time i've ever seen what was inside those pants on the cover of Sticky Fingers!

It's a nice mix of art movie, cheapo sexploitation flesh fest and cinema verite documentation of the New York warhol bohemians artists hustlers scene at the time, with a loose narrative about the travels of rent boy Joe as he wanders around the city trying to come up with some bread for his wife's friends abortion.  Famed warhol star / street hustler / nude model / hunk o meat Joe Dallesandro is indeed quite something to look at stretching around in the buff, and he's really rather charming in his spaceheaded whateverness. The improvised dialogue is all pretty funny, and I had me a pretty good time just digging the scene, as it were.

I can't imagine watching this at home without getting kinda antsy and going to do something else, but trapped in the cinema it was a real treat to just lay back and enjoy the looseness and the little window into a period in New York that's long gone and ain't coming back...

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