Thursday, October 31, 2013

Gary ‘Spider’ Webb – The Cave pt1 & 2 (Bamboo, 1961)

A favourite for Halloween!

I just had about had a heart attack of insane gushing record nerd pleasure the first time I heard this exotic surf beatnik jazz freakout cum psychosexual teenage radio drama. One rainy night Julie and Jimmy get lost in a cave. Over the next two and half minutes they desperately call each other’s names and yell things like “Look out for that bat! Aaaarggghhh!” while tremoloed guitars and evil organs stab and slide and poke them all over the place. Bandleader Gary ‘Spider’ Webb lays down the heavy jungle beat and gets extra wild and jazzy whenever something scary is happening to Jimmy and Julie. And it only gets better / worse on side 2! “I’ve got to find Julie and get out of this cave. It’s been two long days…”

Gary Webb was fittingly enough a touring member of the Hollywood Argyles, a made up studio group that songwriter / producer Gary Paxton had sent to the top of the charts with ‘Alley Oop’ in 1960. In 1962 he did it again with Bobby ‘Boris’ Pickett’s immortal ‘Monster Mash’. In between the two Gary Webb made his own stab at horror hitmaking, but no avail. Still, I’m sure he’d be pleased to know that 51 years later, Jimmy and Julie are still stuck in that cave and our hearts.

You can hear my uncle Nosferichie1250 playing 2 hours of spooky records, including both sides of this one, 

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