Friday, September 12, 2014

RIVER'S EDGE (Tim Hunter, 1986)

This is a strange film. It's almost like a weird dark companion piece to "The Breakfast Club", with a feel that has more in common with "Twin Peaks". It's a "disaffected youth in a small town in america" type thing, where a young guy kills his girlfriend and goes to school and tells his friends about it, and their different reactions are what the movie is all about.

It could have been really corny but I think it's actually a great work of art. The acting ranges from completely over the top wired up ham from a young Crispin Glover to the usual "ddddduuuuuh" underacting of a young Keanu Reeves, but each of them just seems perfect to me. And Dennis Hopper has a great part as the weird older guy in town who everybody scores their pot off. He never leaves his house and brandishes a gun all the time and dances with his sex doll and does all those great things you expect Dennis Hopper to do. In fact, it's quite interesting that this came out in the same year and in fact the same month as "Blue Velvet", with Hopper playing a somewhat similar character and the film having a certain similarity in it's feel. I could probably more accurately describe this as "The Breakfast Club meets Blue Velvet, with a hip thrash metal soundtrack and an ensemble cast of of hot, hot young stars!"

(goodness Ione Skye is just horrifically attractive)

Rooly good.

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