Wednesday, May 8, 2013


I don't really go for festivals most of the time, but being that this one is put on by the Anytime Place people, I know it's gonna be just like one of those great anytime place warehouse parties (best series of parties i ever went to), but out in the bush at an old communist youth league campgrounds! I feel that this will me a memorable party...

It's a friday night - saturday day and night - sunday arvo thing, Brides are playing at about 7 on saturday night, and later on saturday night at about 2am i gonna do my Slow Grind Fever slow dance thing in "the lounge". It gonna be like that scene in dirty dancing where she turns up with the watermelon. Except sloooooooower...

You can only buy tickets on the website till this thursday though, so get on it if you wanna come!

here's the website:

heres a video of the grounds:


Delaney Davidson(NZ)
Mojo Juju
Al Duvall (NYC)
Puta Madre Bros
Tape Wolf (NZ)
Judge Pino & the Ruling Motions
Merry Creek Pickers
Richie 1250 & the Brides of Christ
The Black Diamonds
Coral Lee and the Silver Scream
The TEN in ONE
Mighty Duke & the Lords
BJ Morrizonkle
Captain Apples
Gasoline Stew & the Dump
Sugar Fed Leopards
Skyscraper Stan & the Commission Flats
Gator Queen
Eaten By Dogs
Tijuana Peanut 
Mightiest of Guns
Big Small
Bebop n Lula
HP Reid
One Trick Pony
DJ Emma Peel
Dj Frankie Alibi
DJ Shitshake
Dj Richie 1250
Plus 2 of Brunswicks best baristas - Both from N.Z of course!! 

Expect sets, set changes!, costumes, a special powder room with fairy god mother attendants (think warm hand towels and tic-tac's), day time fires, night time fires, fine friends and fine times. Hot cocktails and Hot dancing!

Tickets and Directions to Camp ELSEWHERE here.....

Tickets are $135 +bf - a steal really!

Tickets go off sale Thursday May 10 at midnight.
There may be tickets at the gate for $150 if you are lucky....Do you feel Lucky....?

Ticket includes camping. With or without your car.

Bring your own food or purchase your meals at the 70's camp canteen or both. You can also pre-purchase all your meals for the whole weekend and get free dessert!

Gates open noon on Friday
First band and grand opening banquet at 6pm
Last band on Sunday at 2pm

******Themes and Inspirations for attire at ELSEWHERE.*******

Friday night is the Bon Voyage Ball.
Pilots, Private, Sailors, Sweethearts and Spies are invited to send off the fine revelers (you) to Camp ELSEWHERE…. A romantic evening of moody and heart pounding sounds with Delany Davidson, Mojo Juju, Al Duvall, and Merry Creek Pickers and more - playing live on a stage like a landlocked pier. Get ready to set sail…ELSEWHERE!

Saturday night sees the GOLDRUSH take over ELSEWHERE! Bushrangers or Bling! - bankers, bank robbers and everything shiny and alluring! The raucous and golden Cherrywood, Puta Madre Brothers, Judge Pino and the Ruling Motions, Richie 1250, Mighty Duke and the Lords and Emma Peel and more will wash away your sins and separate the fools from the gold.

****************Fancy dress is optional but ******************* ***********everyone should dress to feel fancy!***************

Sunday morning you will be wooed by the serenity of camp and our more intimate acts beside the fireplace with your mug full of the best brewed coffee this side of Elsewhere – the coffee shop will be running non-stop the whole festival and at night doubles as a cocktail bar.


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