Thursday, July 24, 2014


Fri 25th July
Sugar Fed Leopards single launch @ spotted mallard w/ BJ morriszonkle + dane certificate magic

The Sugar Fed Leopards are pretty ridiculouslly fucking great. And this song, goodness. this just the demo, but on friday night i'll play the new single version on the show! And then they'll play it live at the spotted mallard. and BJ will play too. And Dane will do magic. good times...

and the lyrics:

Found my heart in sorrows grip, lost in psychedelic trippin,
down these old streets of gold, looking ofr tomorrow.
Over where the shadows fall making shapes against the wall a ghostly dancing queen, I heard the voice of Disco.
Sweet sense i'm yours tonight for dancing, dancing.
Take me up where coloured lights are dancing dancing.
Hear the strings they start to move me
its spooky but it really soothes me
if you've got dance in you then you've gotta let it out.
Let it out of your hips, let it out of our wrist and our fingertips.

Doing moves i've done before point to the stars point to the floor, do the roll do the hustle do the shady skate, oo i got the fever.
Trembling like a flower i was making it like a piece of cake.
Not the smartest cookie in the jar, but i've got something to shake.
Even the one who broke our heart is dancing, even your mama and our dad is dancing ,. Dancing something like the bus stop you've got to take your love lock it and pop. This could be the move thats going to get you back on top.
Like acherry, like a lover, icing sugar.
aaahh aaah aaah aaah, aaah , aaah
oooo dancing dancing oooooo dancing dancing
ooooo dancing dancing oooo dancing dancing aaaaahhh
spooky but it really soothes me its an illusion but oh it moves me if you've got dance in you then you've got to let it out
Let it like this, when you shake your hips, shake it like sugar
aaah aaah aaaah aaaah


released 27 November 2013
Recorded live by our leap of leopards.... 

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