Friday, January 23, 2015

A GIRL WALKS HOME ALONE AT NIGHT (Ana Lily Amirpour, 2014)

I reeeaaaaaly enjoyed this. It's a bit TOO cool, which makes it somewhat less cool, but all the same it IS pretty fuckin cool. And even though the director has said she's not really into Jim Jarmusch, the whole aesthetic is so reminiscent of his late 80s / early 90s movies and that general early 90s indie art film vibe that you can't help but feel a bit like "people already did this whole thing to death 20 years ago". But that aside, I think it's a pretty great movie, and the particular combination of elements makes it somewhat original in it's own way. If I was an Iranian teenager watching this on a bootleg DVD, I reckon i'd think it was the coolest thing of all time. And Arash Marandi, who plays the main guy, jesus what a heartthrob. If there's any justice in the world he should be a poster on every teenage girls wall this year. I thought all the actors were pretty great though. Oh yeah, I haven't really explained anything about the film. Anyway, it's an Iranian vampire western noir teen romance kinda thing. It's shot in California and the film-maker is Iranian / American (she grew up in England and America but her parents are Iranian), but the dialogue is all in farsi and it's set in a kind of fictional Iranian ghost town. It's on at ACMI almost every day for another couple weeks, so don't stooge yourself, go see it...


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