Wednesday, November 9, 2011

on the radio, in the world 10/11/11


First hour i'll be airing an interview with Big Jay McNeely and playing a whole bunch of his records to try and ensure as few of you miss out on seeing this legendary indestructible honker as possible.

Then in the second hour Woody McDonald, booker of the Golden Plains festival and doer of the excellent RRR show Primary Colours will be coming in to play a bunch of the acts from next March's Golden Plains.

And around those two things i'll try to play some of the groovy records i found up in sydney on the weekend, including the great Patti Palladin & Johnny Thunders version of 'crawfish' from '85. It's junktastic!


Friday night I'll down in geelong at mr Hydes, and Saturday night me and G& be doing SATURDAY NIGHT FISH FRY at The Gem. Lotsa other stuff on too. if you get a chance, go see Royal Headache on Friday night, i saw 'em last weekend in Sydney and they were bloody amazing!

(Double check these listings before going to the gig! Sometimes I screw up the details...)

Thurs 10th
Celibate Rifles @ the Tote
Richie1250 DJ'ing @ Luwow (closing party for Japanese Film festival)

Fri 11th
Royal Headache LP launch @ John Curtin Hotel
Northern Soul Weekender @ Roxanne Parlour
Richie1250 DJ'ing @ Mr Hyde (geetrot), 10-1am

Sat 12th
Twerps LP launch @ The Tote w/ Darren Sylvester
Chantdown More Fire! @ Deep 11
Brous EP launch @ Phoenix Club
Becky lee and Drunkfoot @ Old Bar w/ Puta Madre Bros
SATURDAY NIGHT FISH FRY @ The Gem ft. Creole Spiced Pork Spare Ribs + Richie1250 + Garry 7
Sun 13th
Chook Race @ Gasometer (reso) w/ Bad Aches + Bits Of Shit
Ruby Koomen (reso) @ Blue Tile Lounge w/ special guests (6pm, 2 sets)
Dolly Parton tribute Night @ YahYahs
BJ Morrisonkle @ the evelyn w/ Canary (lp launch)
Northern Soul Weekender @ Banana Alley (arvo)

Mon 14th

"Enter The Void" screening @ The Astor
Thurs 17th
Stranger Cole with MSO@ AWME launch party @ The HiFi Bar
Next fri 18th
Charles Walker & The Dynamites, The Public opinion Afro Orchestra, Kylie Auldist, Bobby Alu + DJ's Chriss Gill, manchild and Vince Peach
Next Sat nov 19th
Big Jay McNeely @ the Corner! w/ the Rebelles and the rechords!
Dick Diver LP launch @ Phoenix Club w/ The Harpoons
Sun 20th
Big Jay @ Caravan Music Club
Chook Race @ Gasometer (reso) w/ Pop Singles + Deep Heat
THE CONGOS @ AWME closing party @ HiFiBar

git on out there


to get off this list, reply saying: Berlusconi was also reported to have
delayed the release of his Greek-folk-influenced album, "True Love,"
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Stone Love: Friday, 4 November 2011

listen here



Playlist for Friday 4 November 2011

Artist | Track/Song Name | Album Title | Label/Distibutor | Comments

king coleman - lookey dookey, pt.1 - 45

the revels - comanche - 45

larry bright - mojo workout - 45

steppenwolf - sookie sookie - 45

mike sharpe - spooky - 45

the first edition - just dropped in to see what condition my condition is in - 45

strawberry alarm clock - incense and peppermints - 45

bobby fuller four - the magic touch - 45

clairy browne & the bangin' rackettes - love letter - l.p. 'baby caught the bus'

richie 1250 & the brides of christ - whippet walk - 45

the loved ones - sad dark eyes - 45

traffic - hole in my shoe - 45

brigitte bardot - harley davidson - 45

jane birkin - jane b - 45

lord sutch & heavy friends - thumping beat - 45

simon stokes & the nighthawks - voodoo woman - 45

the troggs - I can't control myself - 45

pretty things - rosalyn - 45

nick drake - way to blue - l.p. 'five leaves left'

nick drake - hazy jane I - l.p. 'bryter later'

nick drake - river man - l.p. ' five leaves left'

nick drake - northern sky - l.p. 'bryter later'

nick drake - which will - l.p. 'pink moon'

nick drake - the thoughts of mary jane - l.p. 'five leaves left'

nick drake - poor boy - l.p. 'bryter later'

nick drake - fruit tree - l.p. 'five leaves left'

lightnin' rod, jimi hendrix & buddy miles - doriella du fontaine - 12" 45

the last poets - when the revolution comes - 12" 45

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